Late king Mahendras tributy for development

Even the scholars of our eastern scriptures and western countries have imagined a competent national leader. People who do such good deeds are always remembered by civilized society. Bismarck, the unifier of Germany, Jomo Kenyatta, the politician of Kenya, Emperor Hwange, the unifier of China, American statesmen George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, and Prithvi Narayan Shah, the nation builder of Nepal, etc., are taking interest in the present youth generation of Nepal.

Therefore, an attempt has been made to briefly discuss Mahendra’s philosophy, principles, ideals and path in this article. King Mahendra was able to prevent foreign interference. He arranged Nepali citizenship for that. Was that wrong? After the increase in theft and robbery from India along the Nepal-India border, he gave land to thousands of ex-soldiers and settled them in different parts from Mechi to Mahakali. Was it against the national interest to do so? He decided to build the 1027.67 km long Mahendra Highway connecting Mechi-Mahakali. Did he commit a crime? Mahendra’s work is commendable in every field including transport, communication, education, health, industry, trade, national security.

By urging India, Mahendra built 159.66 km Tribhuvan Rajpath from Sirsia near Birganj to Hetauda-Simbhanjyang-Thankot. This road was called ‘Byroad’. Foreigners used to come by plane from Delhi and later started saying Byroad instead of where they came from. Araniko Highway was built in 2024. Nepal and China were connected by road. Indian newspapers spread propaganda that Chinese troops will come from that 112.83 km road and communism will come. When an Indian journalist questioned King Mahendra about this, he jokingly said, “Communism does not come in a taxi.” This statement became very popular among the media and diplomats.

History of Nepal and Direction” has mentioned that 192 kings ruled in Nepal, which has a long history of more than 5000 years. As the monarchy is a permanent power, the long-term future of the nation is worried. Foreign powers can also invest in those who win the election and make them their own. King Mahendra told the countrymen through a song, “Swadeshi Ban, Swadesh Bhan, Sahal Nepal”. At a time when there is a shortage of people who can become nationalists by heart, word and deed, King Mahendra’s words are considered more meaningful.

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